22k gold small hoop earrings 18mm diameter

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These small gold hoop earrings are handmade by me in the beautiful Pacific Northwest of North America.

Size- 18mm diameter, 5mm wide, 1mm thick.

Locking backs and posts are solid 18k gold.

I strive to run an ecologically sustainable business.

The sheet I use in these earrings is manufactured by fusing a sheet of 22k gold and sterling silver together.

This sheet is called " bimetal" and the silver side is oxidized black by treating it with sulfur.

Bimetal is very durable, easily repairable, and easily recyclable.

Bimetal avoids the use of toxic and wasteful processes needed for plating gold over cheaper metals.

For more about bimetal see: http://hausermiller.com/fab/bimetal.html

Because my jewelry is made using hand fabrication processes, it has lightness, durability and detail unachievable via mass production.

- GUARANTEED forever against breakage due to normal use.

- QUESTIONS: call me at 206-900-5136. I try to answer between 9am and 9pm pacific time.

- RETURNS- Contact me ASAP if you are not happy with your order. Your happiness is my main goal!

I will accept returns for a full refund, minus shipping costs, if it is shipped back to me within 7 days of receipt by you. (longer for international orders, of course)

- SUSTAINABILITY: I make jewelry in small batches, minimizing waste and resources wherever I can. My manufacturing processes strives to strengthen the metal by using hand forming techniques en lieu of casting processes.

I strive to purchase metals from manufacturers that use post consumer recycled content and metals from fair labor practicing mines

I believe that purchasing high quality jewelry that is repairable and recyclable is very important.

I use either solid gold or bimetal in my gold jewelry.To manufacture bimetal, a sheet of 22k gold is fused with sterling silver. The result is repairable, easily recyclable and avoids the use of cyanide solutions required for plating.

Materials: Gold, Silver.